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Guangdong liangfengyuan Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1981, mainly engaged in food fillings, the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes, snack food, agricultural and sideline products processing production and chain stores. The company is located in Guangdong Province the first agricultural big city, Chinese largest fruit production base -- Maoming, guangdong. The characteristics of the city of Maoming agricultural products is numerous, companies rely on the local rich agricultural resources, has become one of the leading agricultural enterprises in Guangdong province. The company after thirty years of development, Guangdong region is a large-scale modernization of food production enterprises. At present the company's organization: Liang Feng Park (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., liangfengyuan food (Guangzhou) division, Maoming liangfengyuan International Trade Co., Ltd., Maoming liangfengyuan breeding Co. Ltd, Maoming lidelong planting Co. Ltd., Maoming City Fang 鼎奇 food limited company, Liang Feng Park food (Lian Suo) store.  

Liangfengyuan food production base is located in Maoming hi tech Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of about 60 acres, plant construction area of more than 4 square meters, the first phase investment of about 200000000 yuan, built with fillings, moon cakes, cakes, snack food, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products and other production lines and technology R & D and food testing center. The company through continuous improvement of production equipment and management system, has won the national export food production enterprise, the ISO22000 international food safety system certification, certification of green food, "Chinese China famous cake" title, Chinese international agricultural products trade fair "Gold Award", Guangdong provincial contract Shou Credit enterprises, Maoming city "at the food brand engineering" agricultural production demonstration enterprises, Maoming city tourism recommended units and many other honors.


Liangfengyuan food distribution network covering more than 300 city nationwide, perennial partners: China Quanjude (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Airlines Food Co. Ltd., Jinjiang International (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Jingan bakery company limited, Shanghai Xinya Food Co. Ltd.), Shanghai Xinghua Lou restaurant, Guangzhou restaurant group and Limited by Share Ltd delicious food limited company of domestic famous catering and food processing enterprises. “ Liang Feng Park ” Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes, snack food more popular in domestic WAL-MART, trust mart, Hymall, Huarun million, RT mart, lotus, and Hong Kong and Macao, PARKnSHOP large supermarket chain wellcome. The company based on the domestic market, while actively open up overseas markets, liangfengyuan product has been out of the country, are exported to Malaysia, Singapore, American, Canada, New Zealand, trust and reputation from overseas customers. Carry forward the Chinese food culture, advocating green health food. Liangfengyuan food to first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class management, make unremitting efforts, innovation, the pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction as the purpose, win-win as the goal, in good faith with customers to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

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